Our fees vary on each transaction. Variables depend on loan type, location, and the term of the loan.
Unfortunately, no - due to federal and state licensing requirements, we are a commercial-purpose lender only lending on investment real estate.
As a private or “hard money” lender, Windstone can reduce your initial out of pocket expenses through our funding of acquisition and renovation costs. We can provide funding even when the bank cannot (e.g. credit qualification, time to close, etc.). And most importantly, we can provide funding FAST, closing in as little as 24 hours when provided with the required information.

At Windstone Private Lending we offer two loan classifications: Bridge/Transactional and Construction

Bridge and Transactional Loans are loans WITHOUT draws. Transactional loans are designed to fund your wholesale deals that will pay off same-day – Bridge loans are for initial terms of two days up to six months.

Construction Loans are loans that have a draw feature, enabling the borrower to submit draw requests for renovation costs on the property.

To give you the best service, Windstone only lends in areas where we have a local, experienced representative that can evaluate your deal quickly and advise you on the best way to accomplish your goals.
Windstone can fund your draw requests same day – just submit photos (or a short video) and documentation showing the current level of project completion and we can wire funds directly to your account. No one funds draw requests faster than Windstone!

Most private lenders calculate interest using a compounded-daily formula based on the note amount, not simple interest on the principal amount of the loan outstanding which is how banks do it on construction loans. By calculating interest this way, it’s keeping your cost of borrowing to a minimum.

Daily interest cost: Interest = (Current Loan Balance*Interest Rate)/360

Simply put, a hard money lender is looking primarily at the “hard” asset being secured by the loan, in this case real estate, as the primary source of being repaid.